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Eastern Logistic Solutions Ltd.


Terminal handling services are provided by the highly qualified personnel who guarantee absolute safety and full compliance with all security requirements.

  • Shuttling of empty & full boxes to the port on vessels’ arrival.
  • Cleaning of boxes, dry clean &/or wash with steam & chemical products.
  • Removal of hazardous stickers of the boxes.
  • Lift on & lift off for empty & full containers.
  • Empty boxes release for export as per shipping line instruction.
  • Stuffing & de-stuffing all kind of cargo from CFS area & for export boxes.
  • General cargo handling.
  • Cargo receipt from the forwarder, transportation for weighing and labelling.
  • Cargo transportation from the weighing and labelling station to the storage area.
  • Verification of the dispatch marking and application of handling labels.
  • Verification of freight nature with the category declared in the documents.
  • Cargo delivery to the consignee.